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    A company who thinks globally

    From the company’s inception in 2013 BeautifulMess has sustained & developed international relations with both organisations and communities in South Africa and India.This global reach has allowed them to engage, uplift and learn from marginalised people who remain invisible to the world. BeautifulMess has worked to create a stage for them to tell their stories and be heard.Exposure to cultures and people through the unifying nature of theatre has informed and enriched the company’s  aesthetic, stories,  methods of communication and theatrical style. From the marvelously physical protest-theatre in the townships of South Africa, to the mythical, magical and surreal moral tales in the Mulshi Valley, Pune.

    BeautifulMess’s major international projects, Bling Ka-Ching (SA, 2013) & A Tale of Two Valleys (India, 2015) were the culmination of years of sustained & ethical engagement with arts bodies, Theatre Arts Admin Collective (TAAC) in Cape Town , and community centres like, Sadhana Village, (http://sadhana-village.org/)which is a much overlooked centre for adults with learning disability in Mulshi, Pune.


    Bling! Ka -Ching (2014, SA)

    Using physical theatre, absurd allegory, live music and comic object play Bling! Ka-ching! spins a highly visual, magical tale, exploring that omnipresent phenomenon we call Money!

    “Money?” Yawn! “Why would we want to see a show about that?” (you might ask) “Why would anyone want to know about that mystical system which saturates every moment of our lives?” That would be absurd!… Enlightening even? Whether you’re a barter-loving hippy, a financial-hotshot or a confused parent bombarded with credit-crunch questions, Bling! Ka-Ching! is an inclusive street-show for all ages which will leave your minds buzzing, your sides aching and your bellies full! Initially developed for the Obs family Fest, Cape Town 2014, BeautifulMess and TAAC are in negotiations to develop it into a wider touring show to catalyse a large scale collaborative- participatory project exploring economic literacy in relevant, personal ways.


    A Tale of Two Valleys (2015, India)

    Developed out of workshops with the community of adults with LD living at Sadhana Village in connection with United World College Mahindra, A Tale of Two Valleys travelled down the hill with a 12 foot puppet and into the villages of the Mulshi Valley, to deliver a story about resources, and unity through difference. In a world under constant threat of survival and with a group of people hidden and stigmatized BeautifulMess explored a mythical tale of a Mountain Monster and a River Goddess finding unity and balance with nature and each other.